A place of light, of liberty, and learning

Dolphin Yuvak Mandal

protect Environment

Make activities to create awareness about the protection for environment. Conduct classes and seminar to give education regarding importance of nature.

Educational Research

Make research on the conditions of students of SC, ST, OBC classes and provide that information to government and provide education and Establish hostels.

Social welfare

Conduct seminars and camps, Conduct seminars of awareness for AIDS, Work to cure diseases like T.B. etc. and conduct guidance seminars for that and Arrange the training camp.

help Backward and Workers

Organization will work to improve life style of backward and workers. Give legal help and guidance to those doing construction work.

Dolphin Yuvak Mandal

This organization will mainly work on being helpful to increase the level of social, educational, healthy life style to people. The organization will help to improve the social, educational, psychological, intellectual, and healthful life without any bias regarding class, cast, religion, or gender and it will work without any involvement of political aims or works. It will work for environment to be better, nature education, improvement of villages and villagers, solution about the problem regarding water. It will do work for youth like educate and arise new areas for their employment. It will work for the women and aged people to get their life better and all that activities which are not illegal.